We have compiled a link of questions that should hopefully help out all voters and candidates. We will be updating throughout the process as more questions come in.

I am planning to register for the industry vote. Can I vote in both the public voting round and industry voting round?

I want to vote in the General Public round. Do I have to work in the industry?
Nope! You just have to love craft cocktails in Ireland!

Are the Awards just for Dublin-based bars?
No, the Awards are Island-wide and cover the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and bars and individuals outside of Dublin are voting, and are eligible to win. In fact this year we have elected Regional Ambassadors specifically to encourage regional bars and voters to take part.

Can I vote for absolutely any bar/individual?
Yes, it’s an open process (but if you are casting an Industry Vote you can’t vote for the bar you work in). We did not want to create a list, we want you to be able to pick the bars/people that you genuinely think fit the craft cocktail criteria and deserve to win.

Can I vote for the bar I work in?
If you are voting in the General Public round, yes! All aboard! If you are voting in the Industry Vote round, no.

I have received an email inviting me to vote. Now what?
We have invited specific bars and individuals to vote for the Second Round Industry Vote. Each bar gets 2 votes and each individual gets 1 vote. If you want to take part this year and didn’t last year, email us! If you are a bar, you should send your name and emails of your two voting staff members to irishcraftcocktailawards@gmail.com before October 15th. As an individual just send your name and email.

How do we decide which 2 staff members vote on behalf of the bar for the Industry Vote?
That’s up to you. It can be the General Manager and Assistant Manager, or a staff member you think would be ideal, or you could even use one of your votes as a collective decision from the whole bar.

I have registered to vote for the Industry Vote. Now what?
You will receive an email with a link to the voting ballot. Once you have voted, you will not be able to change your answers. If you or your bar wants to take part in the industry vote, and didn’t last year, send us an email to irishcraftcocktailawards@gmail.com.

When will the longlist from the Public Vote be announced?
The longlist will be announced on October 17th, the same day that 2nd round Industry voting begins.

When will the shortlist from the Industry Vote be announced?
The shortlist of the top 5 from each category will be announced on November 15th, with the exception of the Irish Craft Cocktail Industry Legend Award. There will be no shortlist for this category, just the winner on the awards night.

Who is overseeing the voting process?
We are selecting an independent organisation to oversee the voting process. We, as organisers, manage the administration of the voting to ensure it goes smoothly but we have an independent organisation overseeing it every step of the way. As organisers we are removing ourselves from any affiliations with any bars or individuals eligible to win. We’re not here with an agenda, we just want to create an open, fun and democratic award.

Who are the organisers?
Kevin Hurley, Robert Caldwell, Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan and Alan Kavanagh. We are working on these awards independently and voluntarily, just because it’s an amazing project and we want to make it happen!

How do we get tickets for the Awards night?
The Awards night is on Sunday 27th November at The Sugar Club, tickets will be available on Eventbrite soon.

I’m still confused!
That’s ok, just talk to us! Email Chandrika at irishcraftcocktailawards@gmail.com and she will help you out.