The Irish Craft Cocktail Awards

WINNERS FOR 2017 HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! Click here to read the full list.

What is a Craft Cocktail
Craft {Kraft, Krahft} – noun

  1. An art, trade or occupation requiring skill in making things by hand.

A craft cocktail cannot be determined by recipe alone. The word craft implies that someone has spent the time and attention to create a drink that goes above and beyond to become something unique. A craft cocktail calls upon all the skill, training and artistry of the bartender to produce a product that is balanced, presented beautifully and tastes incredible.

The Awards
These awards were created in 2014 for the benefit of the Irish cocktail industry by the cocktail industry. The Irish Craft Cocktail Awards aim to celebrate the skill, training, uniqueness and artistry of craft cocktail concoction in Ireland. These awards aim to be as open and transparent as possible.

Every year we open up the first round of voting to the general public and cocktail fans all over Ireland, followed by a second round of voting by craft cocktail professionals to determine the winners.

The Irish cocktail industry is booming, and there are many cocktail bars that deserve recognition for their outstanding work. While there are Awards that recognise their achievements in certain categories, Ireland needs a more focused award that highlights craft cocktails in their own right. What makes these awards different is that The Irish Craft Cocktail Awards are for the cocktail industry and organised by the cocktail industry.

ICCA Talks
The Irish Craft Cocktail Awards are committed to the continual advancement and education of the Irish Craft Cocktail Community. With this in mind we have created the ICCA Talks series, a new educational platform for bartenders and our wider industry.